Shrunk to perfection

How to place the 1,5 km by 2 km city centre on a 0,5 km by 0,25 km island in the virtual sees of Second Life? Well, you can't. But you can try and this is what we did:

We marked the buildings of the more important streets, reduced the whole model by 25% and turned everything by some 15° counterclockwise. Then came the painful part. We had to take out many buildings to make the rest fit. But more important was to preserve the "Munich feeling".

Our aim is to create a model of the city that gives people who know the city or even live here a warm feeling of being at home. To create a home for those who live in Munich or would love to.

And people who get to know Munich only from Second Life may come one day to Munich in
RL and say "hey this place looks just like in Second Life".

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2nd region delivered: Muenchen

Now the estate consists of two regions: "Muenchen" and "Munich city". The first to the west, the latter to the east.

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