Banning is okay but ...

... please let me (Lislo Mensing) always know whom you banned and why. I have to enter the name in the estate banning list as well.

If griefers are in Munich please do the following:
  1. protect yourself, e.g. sit on a chair, cube or dance ball ;-)
  2. send an abuse report to linden lab (see the help menu) - include a screenshot
  3. try to kick, ban them ... whatever you like (in the end it doesn't matter)
  4. send a message to me (Lislo Mensing, stw@futurelab.de, skype: weiss100)
Please know:
Banning is useless unless you file an abuse report to Linden Lab as well. See this video tutorial how to do it.

>> Linden Lab Video Tutorial zum Thema Abuse Reports
>> Sicherheitskonzept MünchenSL

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