Shantu Selene live am 11.8.

shantu marienhofNach seinem umwerfenden Erfolg im Mai, kommt Shantu im August wieder nach MünchenSL. Shantu vereint poetische Lyrik und romantische Gitarrenklänge mit seiner hypnotisierenden Stimme. Dies gibt Shantu und Euch die Möglichkeit Freude, Kummer, Leidenschaft und Liebe gemeinsam zu spüren und zu teilen.
Und er liebt es immer noch Elvis Songs zu singen.

Shantu Selene (rl Danny Bowman) was flirting with music long before he picked up his first guitar. His mother favored country artists, but Shantu couldn't stop singing Elvis tunes. Even as a child he was arranging, singing into a vacuum cleaner hose to create reverb.

Adding the guitar and forming a band at 14 was logical progression of this relationship with music for Shantu. He dated around a bit, playing with many bands throughout high school. He learned from each experience, but always found himself coming back to the songs he'd grown up with.

Through college and military service, his guitar was his best friend and confidant, always by his side. He finally accepted that music was much more than a casual affair for him. It was in his soul, and his guitar was the conduit of its expression.

His engagement came when he joined the award-winning band Windjam as lead guitarist, and began writing original songs for the band to perform. Windjam captivated audiences across the U.S. for ten years before the members parted amicably. Shantu took his guitar to California and delighted fans with his solo performances, and continued to experiment with words, music and arrangements. He left L.A. in 2000, opened his studio near Chicago and made the first recordings of songs that had been playing in his head for so many years. Bringing this marriage of poetic lyrics, romantic guitar and his hypnotic voice to Second Life gives Shantu a way to share the joy, sorrow, passion and love that is in his heart with his listeners. And he still loves to sing Elvis.

Wann: 11.8. um 21 Uhr
Wo: Bierzelt im Marienhof

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