The Munich Frauenkirche in Second Life

The Second Life version of the Munich Frauenkirche is finished (from the outside). You even can see the towers from Marienplatz, just like in RL. We are going at a fine pace to re-create the Munich feeling. Right now the interior is not done. Are the any volunteers? We big heartedly share workload and fame.

Of course there will a the Teufelstritt and other important features of this extraordinary church. One personal wish I will fulfill are shelves of prayer candles like the ones in Mocha Cathedral.

Builders might be interested in this here ...

Instead of using SL time functions, we set the clock to the server time of the www.inworldprofessionals.com webserver, so we get summertime right. We added a llRegionSay() to broadcast the local time in the format "CET:h:m" on channel 5, once per minute. This allows all scripts in the region to get the local Munich time without any calculations and all clocks will show the same time.

For the domes of the towers we used sculpted prims. Again we had to learn it the hard way that sculpted loose shape when looked at from a distances. That sometimes hurts the eye. We had to do a trick by placing two additional standard prims at the bottom of each dome.

Please give us some feedback on how we proceed. Again we are looking for creative minds that want to contribute to this extraordinary project.

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