Sculpties in Munich - Are you a sculptor? Want to contribute?

Sculpties (sculpted prims) are a new way of building in Second Life. They are a special kind of prim. As you know almost everything you see in Second Life (exept for e.g. land, most trees and avatars) is made from basic buildings elements (primitive objects aka. prims) like boxes, cylinders and spheres. To make e.g. a chair you have to put many prims together, squeeze them, bend them, paint them and voila: a chair.

Sculpties are different. Like a bubble gum they don't have a defined form before you assign it in a not-so-easy procedure that includes not-so-cheap 3D-software. That is the bad news. The good news is that you can give it shapes that have been hardly possible in Second Life before. That is in particular useful when you want to make statues or stucco. We will use sculpted prims wherever we can in Munich. Our tests have been very promising.

In addition we are looking for artists how want to contribute to the beauty of Munich SL. We have many famous fountains, statues (e.g. the Mariensäule on Marienplatz, see picture) and buildings in Munich. Thus we invite all you great builders and sculptors to share your talent and enthusiasm with us and recreate for Munich SL what makes public art in Munich RL so unique. In return we share our love and fame. Please IM Lislo Mensing or send me an E-Mail to weiss@inworldprofessionals.com to get more info. I will post more details here next week.

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